In which condition is the cardiorespiratory fitness of the population living in the region of Basel?

We are generating our own reference values by collecting data of 490 people between 20 and 100 years of age, so that we can classify and evaluate your fitness and health status better in the near future.


Can heart failure and ischemic heart disease soon be detected earlier and without invasive diagnostic methods?


The first step on this path is the COmPLETE-Heart study. In this study, data of cardiorespiratory fitness, vascular health and further health parameters will be assessed an analysed in 80 patients with heart failure and 80 patients with ischemic heart disease of all severity levels.


This study will be initialised at a later time of the project. If you are interested in a research cooperation regarding the topic of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in COPD patients, please do not hesitate to contact us.