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The first results of the COmPLETE-Health and COmPLETE-Heart Study can be expected in 2019.




December 16, 2021

Metabolic impairment in coronary artery disease: elevated serum acylcarnitines under the spotlights


Serum levels of acylcarnitine and branched-chain amino acids were examined in 116 healthy individuals and 54 patients with coronary artery disease in the COmPLETE cohort. Overall, coronary artery disease is characterized by increased short-, medium-, and long-chain acylcarnitine species and serum l-carnitine, valine, and isoleucine levels, indicating a mitochondrial imbalance between fatty acid and glucose oxidation. For 17 acylcarnitine species, the association became stronger the more coronary arteries were affected. This suggests that circulating acylcarnitine levels reflect the severity of coronary artery disease and may play a role in future strategies for stratifying patients.

November 14, 2021
Methodological aspects of accelerometer-based assessment of physical activity in heart failure and health


The study is based on activity data from the COmPLETE study and addresses factors that may influence the measurement of physical activity in healthy individuals and patients with heart failure. The results represent an important step toward improving the methodology for recording physical activity in scientific studies.

April 10, 2021
Metabolic view on human healthspan: a lipidome-wide association study


Age- and sex-related differences in the circulating lipidome composition were examined in a subset of the COmPLETE study (3rd and 8th age decade). Most circulating lipids showed higher levels with age. This was especially the case for sphingolipids and glycerophospholipids. Whether higher levels of such lipids contribute to healthy aging is currently unknown. In a further study we will try to answer this question.

Summary of Results
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February 18, 2021

Summary of previous insights from the COmPLETE-Project


On the left, we provide you with a 3-page summary of the most relevant results from the COmPLETE-Project. Feel free to download the file in pdf-format.


January 19, 2021

Endothelial function of healthy adults from 20 to 91 years of age: prediction of cardiovascular risk by vasoactive range


In this study, we are proud to present the first reference values for the brachial artery flow-mediated dilation and constriction in healthy adults. We were able to show that arterial function decreases with age, especially in our male population.


December 15, 2020

Composite Measures of Physical Fitness to Discriminate Between Healthy Aging and Heart Failure: The COmPLETE Study

In this study, we aimed to find differences regarding physiological function between a healthy aging population and subjects with heart failure. We found that biomarkers specific to physical fitness were useful to determine the differences between the two groups. Therefore, the application of our results may be used in interventions to increase health even at an older age.



August 01, 2020

Novel CPET Reference Values in Healthy Adults: Associations with Physical Activity


The purpose of this study was to establish reference values for maximal and submaximal cardiopulmonary parameters in a healthy European population. The study team found that high levels of physical activity had a strong correlation with cardiorespiratory fitness. Therefore, we recommend implementing high-intensity exercise to promote health across all age groups.


March 01, 2020

New Data-based Cutoffs for Maximal Exercise Criteria Across the Lifespan

Our team aimed at determining age-dependent cutoff values for secondary exhaustion criteria. Thanks to the data gathered in the COmPLETE study, new values were introduced for more precise results. 


Wagner, J., Knaier, R., Infanger, D., Arbeev, K., Briel, M., Dieterle, T., ... & Schmidt-Trucksäss, A. (2019). Functional aging in health and heart failure: the COmPLETE Study. BMC cardiovascular disorders, 19(1), 1-17.

October 3, 2019

Study protocol published

The COmPLETE team has recently published the protocol of the COmPLETE study in the Journal BMC Cardiovascular Disorders. The protocol describes in detail the study design and the various examination methods used in the COmPLETE-Health and COmPLETE-Heart Studies. The publication can be opened via the link below and is accessible free of charge: